Pictures of the day: Midsummer’s Eve in Helsinki around River Vantaa

As ‘Picture of the Day’ at this time a series of photos on Midsummer’s Day I publish pictures shot a day before, that is people preparing for and celebrating Midsummer’s Eve in Helsinki and this time especially around River Vantaa. These were taken along my bike trip from Tuomarinkylä to the mouth of the river and back. Very much against my expectations there were a lot of people moving and picnicing, as this year Midsummer’s Eve was a beautiful and warm summerday.

During the bike trip with my wife we witnessed how people were swimming, biking, walking, jogging, admiring nature and barbequed their sausages or other tasty picnic food along the banks of the river. But there are also large areas in our city where you really do not meet many people, especially not on Misummer’s Eve. As examples in the photos Vanhakaupunki (old city) Bay Nature Reserve and the large fields of Viikki.

As you notice from the we can celebrate Midsummer’s Eve in our Stadi (local nickname of Helsinki) very much like Finnish traditional way in the countryside.

Along these photos I wish everyone a Happy Midsummer’s Day!


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Juhannusaatto on tietysti myös rakastetun löytämisen aikaa. Päivänkakkara kotipihalla voisi ratkaista rakastaako hän vai ei.

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