No more photos in Facebook – all transfered here!

I have finally been able to transfer all my photos with English captions from Facebook to these pages as part of my Photo Gallery. Have a look at the galleries, which have been arranged into albums at this page.

One positive feature for doing this is the fact tha with NextGen Gallery and WordPress you can see the downloaded shots typically with 600 x 400 pixel resolution, which is better than you see within Facebook. Much more important to me is copyright which I have for my photos, and Facebook does not seem to honor that!

For those interested in doing the same operation a brief summary of how I did it. However, I presume there are many people in FB who would like to

  • Install an application for exporting photos from Facebook. There are several options, e.g. EasyExport of FBExport.
  • Export each album e.g. to your harddrive.
  • Export the album summaries and photo Captions into a Word or Excel file. Notice that each album has a special AID (Album IDentity) code, which appears also with each photo belonging to a specific album – the AID:s need to be formatted as text in Excel even though the AID is a number – but a very long one.
  • Create new galleries for each FB album and download respective photos into these album.
  • Copy each album summary text as the respective Gallery summary
  • Within the  Excel text sheet you can easily sort the photos by AID and then filter the photo texts so that only the Captions of texts a specific album / photo can be seen.
  • Copy/Pasting the photo texts was much quicker for me than trying to write a program to do it automatically!

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