New lighter look at my site

I’ve just upgraded my site look to a lighter layout and at the same time introduced a technique which positions the footer at the bottom of the viewing area (browser) if you are looking at the site on a large sceen and the content of the page is short. You can see this effect clearly on the Front Pate. In case the content is long the code shoud position the footer at the bottom of the content as previously. Footer will be at the bottom of the content also if the browser height is fairly low (below 750 pixels). If for some reason the bottom page footer will hide some of the content you may try to make your browser height lower and the scroll to the bottom of the content as previously.

Moving the footer as described has been on my plans for a long time but only today I was able to realise it using only CSS code and the so called “media query” technique.

The lighter look has been somewhat been influenced e.g. By Facebook’s new look on browsers and also many other sites whose looks have been made lighter – I think this kind of layout suites especially well on mobile devices.

I hope these small changes make reading the stories easier than before.

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